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About Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is located in one of the corners of Costa Rica. On the Pacific Ocean, at the end of the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa and Malpais (the sleepier area to the south) are a popular tourist destination and surfer's paradise.

Santa Teresa itself is a relatively new town. 20 years ago, almost nobody lived north of the crossroads, in what is now called Santa Teresa. Everyone lived and surfed in Mal Pais, and rarely went north. Slowly, as more and more people discovered the wonders of the area, the town expanded north, eventually getting the name Santa Teresa.

In the past 2 decades, Santa Teresa has rapidly expanded, as more and more visitors have fallen in love with the place and decided to stay. There are now many hotels, restaurants, shops, and groceries. There are two banks, three doctors, two dentists, and many activities and attractions.

World class surfing, yoga studios, luxury resorts, and tourists attractions continue to attract visitors to Santa Teresa.

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